About Welli

Welli is a simple way to track your life over time. It works by letting you rate things on a scale of 0 to 10. After you set a rating you can add tags which are stored along with the rating. You can use Welli to track anything you want, but we start you off with Happiness, Health, Energy, and Sleep Quality. You can also track Pain, Mood and Stress.

getting started

Welli is easy to use

Once you've created an account, you can begin tracking. You simply move the slider to your desired score. From there you can choose to leave tags, or just save & continue. If you do not want to rate the tracker, there is an option to Skip for now.

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about tagging

Add tags with your rating

You can leave tags along with each rating. Tags make it easy to lookup things later on when you are analyzing your data. Tags should reflect the reason for your score. Hit enter or use a comma to save the tag. Try it out below.

analyzing the data

Reviewing your data

Welli stores all your ratings and tags so that you can look them up later. View your ratings and tags as a time-line feed, or lookup all the ratings and posts associated with a specific tag.

05:32 pm Oct 09

Sleep Quality   0 tags

05:32 pm Oct 09

Pain   2 tags

headache1, neck pain2
1 Slight headache near the base of my skull
2 Slight neck pain
05:30 pm Oct 09

Stress   0 tags

05:30 pm Oct 09

Health   2 tags

diet1, food2
1 Ate well today
2 Breakfast - Oatmeal. Lunch - Half a publix ultimate. Dinner - Chicken & rice.
05:29 pm Oct 09

Happiness   2 tags

work1, friends2
1 We just started training three new employees.
2 Had a drink with Danny

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These are just the basics. Get started tracking and explore all the sections of Welli. Track daily to get a comprehensive picture of your health.