Track your wellness and live better.

We created Welli to help people get to know their health and lifestyle. You rate yourself on things like Happiness, Sleep Quality, Health and Pain to see the trends in your health.

Welli is easy to use and you can use it as often as you'd like. Learn what makes you feel great by seeing what factors influence your mood, health, and wellbeing.

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Tag everything

Tagging plays a huge part in Welli. By tagging symptoms, foods, people, and emotions together in time, patterns begin to form. Learn the ups and downs of your health and change your future behaviors accordingly.

Search by tags

See how often allergies or headaches cause you trouble.

Find common ground

Are you in a poor mood because you didn't sleep well? See which tags show up together and better understand your body.

Welli Free

Track your mood, happiness, energy levels, and quality of sleep to find out what factors can improve your wellness.

Tag your food intake, symptoms and health problems, and emotions to get a well rounded view of how well you are living each day.

Welli 360

Get the most out of Welli with 360. You get added tags and metrics as well as new ways to track your health. Also, enjoy: no ads, enhanced tracking, and unlimited archives.

Welli 360 is $5 per month